Monday, April 25, 2011

Special Promotion: Jewish Marketing Solutions

Due to our advertising deadline, Jewish Marketing Solutions is giving potential advertisers a 30% discount on all marketing packages. To reserve your space please call 800-261-2799 or contact one of our representatives at

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jewish Marketing Solutions and Jewish Referral Service

Out of all the marketing campaigns available today, Jewish Marketing Solutions is by the far the most cost-effective and useful. One of the key services that Jewish Marketing Solutions offers is lead generation.

The Jewish Referral Service is a free, unique online service available to users of our website, (Click on Jewish Referral Service). Just fill out the form and you will instantly be connected to a business that best suits your needs.

You can also call the Jewish Referral Service offline @ 888-261-2799. Live operators are waiting to take your call. Our operators will immediately refer you to someone in the field that you are looking for.

Choosing Jewish Marketing Solutions as your premium means of advertising will be your a great decision that will help your business grow.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Switch to Jewish Marketing Solutions

In today’s times, often businesses tend to object to advertising for several reasons. One might be that they enough business. A second reason might be that they can’t afford it…and the excuses go on and on.
We are in rough economic times. There is no such thing as “enough business”. Secondly, as the saying goes…”you have to spend money to make money”.
Although some advertising venues might take advantage of a business owner, Jewish Marketing Solutions does just the opposite. We offer affordable packages from basic to VIP. All packages include internet exposure, SEO, lead generation, print advertisements and so much more. Our rates are affordable because Jewish Marketing Solutions genuinely cares about its advertisers and their budget.
Switch to Jewish Marketing Solutions as your key tool in promoting your business. Visit us online at When you get to the homepage, you will be able to visit several of our other websites as well.